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    I'm thrilled to have you visit my blog! I have specialized in Fine Art Pet Photography in the northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. area for the past 10 years.

    Most recently I've moved to Asheville, NC and am doing only limited client work. My recent path has me working on several photography projects, most of course, involve dogs.

    Please check back often for updated project work!

In Memory – Girlie

As I’ve mentioned I’m getting a lot of sad news of late. So many of the dogs I photographed in the 2006-2011 span are leaving us. I got the news last week that my friends, Kevin and Don, lost the second of their gaggle of four – Cassie- nicknamed “Girlie” shortly after arriving into her forever home . Having just said goodbye to their dear Blake in September certainly didn’t make this loss any easier.

But then, none of them are easy. Sometimes we know they’re coming – as was the case with this sweet girl. Her kidneys had started failing and supportive measures finally couldn’t keep up.  Knowing does NOT make it easier. It does give you time though. Time to relish their presence in those final months. Time to reflect. Time to spoil them.  And knowing Kevin and Don – they did just that.

Girlie was a rescue. Super shy at first – the photos here were taken not long after she had joined the family –  she always was the “worrier.” Time has a way of healing so many things – even dogs. Whatever darkness her past held, as the years passed, she warmed up and climbed up – right into the hearts of Kevin and Don.

Which is where, of course, she will remain forever. My heart is with my friends right now. I also hold Penny and Dash in my thoughts as the remaining two struggle with the loss of their life long buddies.  RIP sweet Girlie. Say hi to Blakey for all of us.


July 19, 2017 - 8:16 pm

Kairii - Walking in the preensce of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

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In Memory – Rusty

I seem to sense when it’s coming. I suppose being a veterinarian doesn’t help. Being friends on social media with past clients also keeps me updated on the health status of some of my past subjects – as was the case with Rusty.  I often recognize that moment, while we’re all cheering for a dog to pull through, when I feel a small shift. A gut feeling. A feeling that sooner, rather than later, we’ll be saying goodbye.

I’ll admit I don’t stay in touch with all of my past photography clients. Many of them come into my life for a short while and then, understandably, drift away. After all, they hired me to provide a service – not to befriend them.  But so many become lovely and good friends.  I prefer to believe that bond of friendship develops almost exclusively because of the dogs.

As it was with Shawn and her boy Rusty.  We first met Rusty during a barn session in late winter. You can see the results of that session here. He came to that session like a typical beagle – full of sniffs, adorable glances, and much enthusiasm!

We had so much fun, we welcomed Shawn and Rusty back that same fall – this time for a rollicking time through the farm property! Here is that session.

There have been so many more dogs in Shawn’s life – mostly beagles or beagle-mixes. She has a heart the size of South Carolina (she’s a Clemson fan) and gives so much to pets by opening her home to foster work.  She recently brought home two “lab” beagles who she patiently taught the ways of the world outside of a laboratory. But her heart dog was Rusty.

To say he is missed wildly is a gross understatement.  He was the “King,” the leader, the teacher. He gave every ounce of his heart to Shawn and her to him. Rusty lost his fight this weekend after an invasive surgical attempt to save it. To the very end Shawn gave everything for Rusty to have a chance. I know Rusty knew that. Rest in Peace sweet boy. You were one of a kind.

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January 23, 2017 - 6:14 pm

Tedd F - This beautiful tribute made me cry–for the loss of Rusty and for the amazing pictures-especially the black and white one-that captured what it means to a dog to celebrate life. Lastly, it brought tears for the accurate portrayal of Shawn, who has both the fierce discipline and loyalty of a Marine and the huge, loving heart it takes to nurture damaged doggies souls back to healthy, enjoyable lives. Thank you for expressing exactly what needed to be said.

In Memory – Cooper

Little did I know when I met Lisa and Doug, and their two dogs Amelia and Cooper, for a fall session in 2007 that we were beginning a very long and wonderful relationship.  It was a lovely fall day. They met us out on a beautiful piece of property in Western Loudoun County for our “spirited” session with their young dogs. Lisa was pregnant with their first son, Carter at the time.  They knew it was the last time they’d have time to lavish this much attention on their pups.

This was to be only the beginning as I was honored to photograph Carter’s arrival. Then Oliver. Only stepping aside when #3 son Crosby was born as my niche, as you know, is NOT children! But what a glorious family I have come to know and love. And it is with the deepest of sympathy that I write this today in memory of Cooper – who passed this week. Cooper was the poster-dog for pit bulls throughout the land. A gentle, quiet soul. Always watching. Amelia, his counterpart and partner in crime, went before him – both adored. Both dedicated guardians of those 3 special boys.

Dog photography brings many people together. But this family and all the sessions they’ve honored me with, will remain in my heart forever.

My deepest sympathy to Doug, Lisa, Carter, Oliver and Crosby. RIP Cooper. I know you’re running with Amelia again.

With much love.


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In Memory – George

On a stunning fall day, back in 2009, I had the honor of photographing the dynamic duo known as George and Gracie.  This pair of spectacularly sweet and beautiful Goldens came to Tranquility Farm to romp and “pose” for us.

I learned yesterday that George passed this weekend. I’ve photographed SO many dogs in my career but the magic of George and Gracie has remained with me since that session. This pair exuded beauty and companionship and happiness.

This duo caught the attention of many and are even featured as the “face” of VetCor as we travel to veterinary conferences with our booth.

We know there are no words to help with the sadness of the loss of this dear sweet boy.  But we extend a healing hand and words of support to George’s family.

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In Memory – Winston 10/29/04-11/21/16

It is with great sadness that I have to follow a recent memorial from our Vest A Dog session with another from the same session. My friends Kevin and Neal, after a long struggle, had to say good-bye to their boy Winston this week.  Winston, a standard poodle, never bounced back from a very serious surgery. And though every Facebook friend was cheering, and his hospital team was giving their all, it simply wasn’t enough – and a very difficult decision had to be made.

With time, the heaviness will start to lift, and smiles will return when a memory of their sweet boy surfaces. But for now, while the pain and emptiness are so fresh, we all mourn the loss of Winston with Neal and Kevin.

As for me – I go back again to that wonderful day – when we all came together to do a good thing for dogs, with dogs – and there were so many smiles all around. RIP Sweet boy. You will be greatly missed.


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